Godric Whitemane

Name: Godric Whitemane
Age: 299
Birthday: March 15th
Height: 6 Feet
Weight: 110 LBS
Blood Type: AB
Occupation: Head of the Inter-racial Peace Council, Highly Skilled Alchemist
Affiliation: Inter-racial Peace Council
Guild Rank: N/A

Godric Whitemane is head of the Inter-racial peace council, and was the original founder. Formerly a great warrior as well as a brilliant mind, after he stopped taking his elixir of life health dived into rapid decline, the once large and burly warrior became a withered old man who looked like a gust of wind could blow him away.

Once a member of the clan Whitemane, he delved into a life of solitude to study alchemy, seldom exiting his lab for all but the most precious resources. As he was reaching death’s door, he completed what he dubbed “The Elixir of Life”. A potion capable of extending the life span of a human to seemingly endless levels. As he was on the verge of destroying his work to avoid it falling into the wrong hands, he came upon a revolution. What can cause great evil, may also cause great good.

With his mind set on a new goal, he emerged from his lab, and after committing the method of creating the elixir to memory, he burned his workshop down in a blaze that lasted for 3 days and nights. He spent the following 150 years training his body and mind to peak performance, gathering the humans into a unified force, and studying the ways of the other races in order to gain their respect. As he reached his 200th birthday, he acted upon his plan. Forging the greatest sword he could, taking 3 months of work, he struck out towards the dwarven capital of Ironforge, where he laid down a challenge. His sword vs the king’s, if his sword lasted 20 strokes against the king’s, an audience would be allowed. Breaking the previous record of 5, he was allowed to meet the king, and start the plans for peace.

The great war died down slightly within the following years, as the elves were warry of provoking the dwarves and humans, and the dwarves avoiding a fight at Godric’s insistence. On the 5th Anniversery of the human-dwarf allience, Godric arrived at the gates to the capital of the elves, Osherion. His rumored long life had intrigued the elves, for seldom did a humans live past 70, and even rarer did one get through the forest surrounding the capital, and it’s enchantments without dying. Upon arriving, he challenged the elves’ greatest bard to a music challenge. Upon raising what appeared to be a hollow horn to his lips backwards, many elves broke into laughter, but were quickly quited when upon blowing, a airy sound played, which Godric quickly weeved into an a melody that left the elves moved and matched the bard’s lute in a beautiful harmony. The instrument was called a Gemshorn.

Era of Peace
With the elves and dwarves behind him, he quickly gained an ally in the halflings, who had been caught in the crossfire of the war many times, if not quite to the extent that humans were. Together, the four races worked to build the capitol city of Kalinaw, where each leader meets annually for the Inter-racial Peace Council. Godric has been the council leader by unanimous vote for 75 years, with his finale term planning to be ended upon his death.

Godric Whitemane

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